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About the Creative Spaces Program

Creative Spaces is a program of the City of Melbourne Arts Melbourne Branch. It partners with government, philanthropic, and private organisations and educational institutions to provide a broad range of services around space for arts and cultural production.

The program underwrites cultural production by brokering, letting, subletting and developing affordable space for the creative industries. Where space is available, Creative Spaces brokers it. Where space is in short supply, it creates it. The Creative Spaces program manages Boyd School Studios, River Studios, Meat Market Studios, Creative Spaces LAB-14 Studio, Boyd Studio One and The Dirty Dozen exhibition space

The Creative Spaces Website has also been licensed by the City of Sydney and the City of Brisbane, giving locals greater access to affordable creative spaces.

Download the Creative Spaces Brochure

Please note: River Studios and Boyd School Studios are not open to the public.

The Creative Spaces Website

Creative Spaces is a free resource to find or list space to rent in order to develop, create, exhibit or perform creative work.

Need a Creative Space?

Find artist studio space, photography studios, gallery and exhibition space, co-working space, hot desks, rehearsal and performance space, pop-up shops, rooftops, cinemas, theatres and non-traditional spaces to hire, lease, rent, share or to occupy for a short period of time.

Do you own or manage a Creative Space?

Do you own or manage a creative space or under-utilised building? List your space for FREE whether it's an artist or design studio, warehouse, co-share, gallery, theatre or vacant building.

Interested in starting your own Creative Space?

Although rewarding, the process of transforming a traditional space into a creative space can sometimes be difficult. Creative Spaces presents case studies on spaces that have been transformed from their normal function into creative spaces. You will also find helpful information on public liability insurance, access to arts and creative organisations and information for owners and property consultants on the use of vacant or underutilised floor space.



Managed Studio Spaces